Monday, March 3, 2014

Testin' Time!

So I've FINALLY finished the charts for the first three rounds of Evelyn's Doily and typed everything up.

Now that I can start to test the pattern, the real question arises:

What color should I use? 

Here's my test subject (old picture):

I dumped my entire thread stash out onto my bed and took a good long while (a whole five minutes O_O) picking out the honored candidates.

I particularly wanted to give my little-used self-dyed threads a chance.

Ultimately, after some serious internal debating, I came up with these: 

(Before I say anything else, I'd like to mention that the red thread wrecked havoc on the contrast and made a very lovely peridot green look semi-barfish. And, the peach is actually a variegated peach-to-white thread)

All of the above are hand-dyed except the dark blue thread in the middle. 

Now... what to choose? 


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