Friday, March 14, 2014

Oh the shading...

I need to remind myself that after a while, doing the same stitch over and over again gets on your nerves.

At this point, I distinctly remember remembering a little something about stitching the parts that are supposed to be in the background first... 


Here's a side shot.

And though you can barely tell, I've added another color:

And another. 

And no... it's not a dull green like it looks in the picture. It's actually a really nice ocean blue-green--but for the life of me I couldn't catch it on camera.

And then came the little circles.

I should've thought back to my experiences with the purple things in Doodleplex Part 1 before I made my decision. 
I keep forgetting that I'm not the biggest fan of satin stitch.

Sometimes I think the feeling's mutual. 

Still, not bad, right? 
I'm not too sure about my color choices, though... but as per my unwritten laws of Doodle: everything stays.


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