Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ohh have mercy....

Here's something to know about me: when I really like something, I start swearing. 

To be more clear, I say things like: 
"Oh d***!"
and "Son of a *****!"
and of course: "sh**!"

I think my computer was electronically wincing when I found this: 

Now, like many textile enthusiasts, I'm an admitted threadophile, and since my introduction to Chinese silk embroidery, I have been searching high and low for a filament silk thread supplier with a wide variety. 

Previously, I had landed on Needlepoint Inc., because they produced their own Chinese silk <-- emphasis on the Chinese.

But DAMN! The Silk Mill has 600 colors!

Six hundred!

Granted they're in France, so shipping might be a little interesting... but I'm not above digging around seat cushions for loose change ^_^

Here's a screenshot of their website.


p.s., thanks to Mary Corbet for letting me know about this!

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