Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bubbly bubbles =)

Here's a quick update on Bubbles. Bubbles is stable after his traumatic encounter with Pugsley, aaaannnd, he's got a new round: 

It's a transitional round, and I'm still thinking about what I can stick on the next round... Oh what to do... =D 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give a howdy do to...


To all of you bobbin lacers out there, no I have not forgotten about Wiggles =)
 I've just been avoiding Wiggles =P 
Buuuut, last night I sucked it up and got to it.
The thing is that trying to do tape lace on a bolster pillow is hard...and in retrospect, the tape lace I've seen on a bolster is usually made with a really big fat ash bolster that's practically flat anyways... soooo yeah --> I'm learning =P
Anywho, now I'm really excited about finishing Wiggles, but I think when I'm done I'm gonna go back to grids... I keep forgetting that I still haven't learned a lot hahaha =) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hahaha =)

So after what seems like a million years, I've finished retatting what I have so far of Evelyn's Doily.

Funny thing, though, is that it turned out a little bit bigger than the original --> it probably has to do something with me figuring out that you're not supposed to scrunch your chains back until they look like crumpled up pieces of paper... =)


Friday, November 23, 2012

Bum bum ba daaa!!!!

As you may have heard me mention before... the arts and crafts market of Mexico isn't exactly what you'd call varied. I was stunned when I found the tatting shuttles, and I was freaking out when I realized that there was indeed thread sold here that could be used for tatting.

Funny thing is that there's only one company that handles crochet/tatting cotton --> Omega. My problem is that in the arts & crafts store I frequent, they don't get many colors, and when I checked the website, I found out that Omega has maybe about thirty colors for tatting thread--not bad, but it pales in comparison to other suppliers.

Enter boredom, and YouTube. I realized that a few of you tatters out there also dye thread, and I got to thinking, "hey, maybe I can do it, too" Soooo thanks to Rebecca at Chemknits  I have managed a little dyeing of my own. First, I'd like to note that I was worried I wasn't going to find any thread/fabric dye because apparently you can't dye cotton thread with food coloring...

But anywho, check it oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooout:

After a few hours of drying on my windowsill, I present to you... a really cool looking blue thread that's totally freaking aweseome!:

And since I had a little extra thread, I did a second batch with a lighter color!

Here's the two of them together =D Neat, huh? 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Okay, so it's not that I don't have anything to post... it's that I haven't exactly gotten around to it...
First, let me start with some updates:

Saturday, it's raining, and we leave the Puggers inside the house instead of on the balcony with his dog house like we normally do when we leave the house. We come back a few hours later to find...

...absolute mayhem. 

My cuddly little angel had pooped twice, peed all over the place and torn into the garbage in the kitchen and dragged everything out into the living room leaving a trail of wreckage --> he'd knocked over my bobbin lace pillow (with wiggles still en progreso) and had discovered my thread box. Thank God we don't have carpet.

Only Bubbles was hurt, but he'll make it. The rest (thank you God) had survived unscathed with only a few specks of dust from lying on the floor. I didn't get any pictures because:
   a) I was in shock, and
   b) everything was so icky that we just had to clean it up right away.

Also, he found my black thread, and chewed on it until it was all slimy and tangled. I had to wash it and hang it out to dry.

By the way --> it's a real biscuit trying to untangle black thread. My progress thus far:

And what was Pita doing, you say? While this havoc ran wild under our roof? The whole thing has her paw prints all over it, but unlike Puggers who was head deep in a garbage groping session when we showed up, Pita was curled up calmly on Pugsley's pillow taking a nap.

Anywho, on to more things tatting.

If you recall, I mentioned something a while ago about re-tatting  Evelyn's doily with a tweaked stitch count.

Behold! :

I messed with the two rings at the center of the round, and also with the two big curves in each fleur-de-lis type part.

I'm also thinking about some new ideas for NanaRama aaaannnd some other stuff that I'll post about soon =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm done typing up the pattern and have finished the charts for the first 3 rounds of Anna's Doily!!!

Here's the thing, I need someone to test tat it for me. Any takers?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


For the past few weeks I've been dreading working on the charts for Anna's doily because it was a pain in the ash to draw it up, especially since I was doing it freehand with Inkscape.

Muahahahaha --> that is no longer the case! I'm still using Inkscape, buuuuut I figured out how to work over the original image, so it's basically tracing =D =D =D

I'm happy =D I might have tatting patterns up soon =D


Saturday, November 10, 2012


By the way... I'm thinking of tatting along with Renulek. I blew a gasket when I found this blog, and after skimming through a bunch of posts, I was like.... whoa.

Recent stuff and stuff

I realized the other day that I had a few scraps, okay a lot, and most of them were too small to really do anything by themselves--and I got to thinking... and here's what I thought up:

I'm calling it "Scrappy". What do you guys think? 

Remember those snowflakes I was talking about? I made this one with size 10 Omega thread, so it's kind of chunky. I'm not used to working with size 10, so it was interesting for me to try and get used to the more elastic quality that this thread had. Is it normal for thicker thread to be sort of elastic? 
Anywho, I don't have much time until Christmas, and Chemistry didn't turn out to be as work-light as I thought it would be... but then again, it's better than Geometry =D 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Preps and such

So, I've been thinking that today's what? November 8th? And Christmas is a little under two months away... I might need to hop to it on the snowflakes, since I have family coming down...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bubbles lives!

To be honest, I'd kinda forgotten about Bubbles, until a few days ago.

But here's how it's going:

Opinions, tips, anyone?