Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Masterpiece =D =D

Soooo..... I have decided to join all of my vast (not really) skills into one beautiful (amateur) work of art!
I started it like four days ago, and it's a piece of a significant size, so I've decided to publish posts of the "phases" (or "phases" of phases):

Phases 1, 2, and 3: Drawing the pattern, sewing it onto the backing, and pricking!:

Those red squares in the background (the big ones, not the little itsy bitsy ones) are centimeters--which makes this bad boy a whopping: 10cm x 15cm!


Monday, April 9, 2012

pretty pretty flower

Hiya there, so, I've been working on a little project that took waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than it should of, what with school and all. It was smaller than the palm of my hand, but then again priorities are priorities =)

   So, on your left you see the pattern. It's been sewn onto the backing (two pieces of fabric) and pricked to make the couching easier. Also, though you can't see it, I sewed another piece of paper (normal notebook paper) onto the back so I could see the pricking on that side also.
The great thing about needle lace is that you can make just about anything. It's great for free form shapes.

   Here, I've already finished the filling stitches. (I forgot to take the picture of the plain outline, whoops).  The dense part is a corded Brussels stitch, with a single Brussels stitch along the edge of the outline to give it that sort of suspended effect. I learned it from here. You can see the same effect on the left hand side of the picture, where the stitching is dense. The lighter area in this picture is a questionable pea stitch. it was definitely an educational experience.
 Tada!! In the final stages of production, I have finished the buttonholing and now need to remove it from the backing and fix up a few details here and there.
Also, that loopy thing on the right hand side is not a pitiful excuse for a picot, but a loop for a clasp. I was thinking of selling this, but I screwed up a couple things and I honestly couldn't turn it over unless it was as well made as possible.

She lives!!! =D
What felt like a month later, and it's done. Muahahahahahahahaha =D