Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody!

And a happy New Year! ^_^

Not really that much to report, I'm staying in with my family for a really nice, quiet Christmas that'll be about as white as you can get in Cancun...it's times like these where I grow nostalgic for snow--but then I remember what snow's actually like and the second thoughts make an appearance. 

Speaking of making an appearance,

Check out Lotusness! Three rounds and hopefully more on the way.


Monday, December 23, 2013

So, I went a little nuts... o.0

But I gotta say that now I have a pretty good stash! 
I should be set until the next ice age.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Oooooh Yeah =D

First of all: Lace (making) Adventures has reached 10,000 page views!


Second of all, Scrappy's back and read to rumble! 

I'd like to take this time to announce that Scrappy has graduated to the Mega Projects! More specifically, Scrappy is now what I like to call a "forever doily" --> as in, a doily that is considered to be unfinished until I'm out of ideas or is too big to hold onto. 

By big, I mean BIG.

Though the Scrappy of today may only have 4 rounds, the Scrappy of the future may have twenty or even more O_O.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yellow Dye strikes again

I should've seen it coming. 
The light blue from before is now Pine Green.
Mark my words, one day I will get that teal/green/blue color!

Better, but not quite right either... 

This one actually turned out the way I wanted it to! 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guess who finally made it to Etsy?

It took me a while, but alls it needed was some blood, sweat, and tired eyes.


Friday, December 6, 2013

In an alternate universe I'm sure it's deliberate.

What? You ask.

The fact that I can't remember the last time a dyeing session went according to plan.
I'm sure it's a conspiracy.

The Proof

First up: Blue 1 and Blue 2

These correspond to our first two colors in the color palette below. 
I was sad to see that in Blue 1, only a tiny quasi-microscopic hint of purple made it out... 
Both are up for overdyeing. I have this obnoxious pink that might just make a purple out of that navy, while the light blue is the right color, just a shade too light. It's getting the same bath as before.

Next up: Egg Yolk

I kid you not, my yellow dye is strong... I keep forgetting that.
This corresponds to the one variegate that could've been... 

Last but not least, a complete miss...


My camera refused to take a good picture of this thread, so I had to fudge with the colors of the image a little, but this is pretty dang close. The real one is a little more yellow, giving it a gorgeous golden hint.

And it was supposed to be grey.

What I'd originally had in mind...

Despite the fact that they were all pretty different than what I was going for... I have to say that I like them. If the two blues weren't practically identical to threads that I already had I wouldn't even bother touching them. As for Egg Yolk and Peridot, I gotta say that I really like them.



I'm keeping the dark blue!
It's henceforth known as Berry Bubble Gum.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I haven't forgotten!!

Le Masterpiece is still in the works!

I have to admit that I have the hardest time photographing Le Masterpiece. I don't know if it's the size or the color of the thread, but let me just say that the thread is a much prettier green than you see there! 

Considering that I've been working on Le Masterpiece since... oh about April of 2012, I'm hoping that I might be done by 2016. >_<