Saturday, March 22, 2014


When it came time to filling in the leaves on the outer petals of Doodleplex: Part II, I had the colors chosen ages ago. 

First of all, I wanted the inner flower to be a flower-shaped thing that didn't necessarily have the colors of a flower proper.

So, in long and short stitch, I went at it.

Here, you can see how the light plays off of the different stitch directions.

Now, I was planning on working each section of the petals first, and then go on to the other sections. Meaning that I was going to do all of the green parts and then move onto those smaller shapes in the center. 

But I couldn't. I had to see what my colors would look like just for the heck of it.

At this point, I would like to say that I am purposely playing fast and loose with my colors. I do believe that, on several occasions, I closed my eyes and chose colors at random.

This time, I tried stem-stitch... which is actually tricky to do in small compact spaces. So I switched back to long-and-short when it came time to do the grey area, which I did last for the outer petal (not the pink part).

But I wasn't sure I liked it--so I thought: hey, why do all the petals have to be the same?

This time, I went with a stem stitch... again. 
I just have a thing for stem stitch. 


Now I just have to see what I fill it in with. >_<

Until next time!


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