Thursday, February 27, 2014

Doodleplex Part I: Done

Now, if you recall, during my last post on Doodleplex, I showed off the new flowers--but there was something showing over on the edges of the pictures.

Exhibit A: A stem stitched stem (*gasp*).
I used two shades of green together (a dark forest green and then a lighter, but still kind of dark olive-ish green) and stitched one line that easily covered the outline.
I wasn't sure it would work, but if you look closely you can see that it gives it this cool shading effect--though it doesn't show too well on camera.

After that, and with many a headache, I added the leaves in fishbone stitch (first time using it!), as seen here:

And as you can also see, I went a little nuts with the french knots--but I used a pearl cotton, so it wasn't as hard!
Originally, I tried using a strand of white tatting cotton and the pearl cotton together and make the flowers out of that, but it didn't exactly work out the way I'd hoped.

Still, I wanted a white flower.

So I did the other one in white.

I inverted the colors of the flowers I'd used. I thought I'd like the white one better, as it wouldn't be as bold as the gold one, but I have to say that they both have their charm.

And finally! This "circle" of Doodleplex is done. 



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Even Better?

I made a minor modification to the new version of the new round.

As you can see, I added these really funny little pointy things to the sides of the "pyramids" (though if you ask me, they look more like stylized zigurrats).
At first, I was just going to stick with the old new version, but I felt like it left the pyramid things too out in the open, all alone, and basically incongruous.

But now, the points make it look more like a crown, don't they?

I like it.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy Busy

Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself ^_^

I did a lot of fiddling with stitches when it came to these flowers. For the golden coloured tips, I bounced back and forth between stem stitching it and just trying to go for the long and short stitch. I think I even gave split stitch a try. Here, if I'm seeing this right, I have stem stitch on the top tip and long and short on the bottom.
However, as is the nature of Doodleplex --> mistakes stay and become a part of the greater scheme of things! 

As my mom told me once: it adds character.

Here's another shot:

And then a couple more:

Oh, what's that on the sides, you say? 

Well, hold your horses and take a breather because that's a topic for another post!


P.S. In case you didn't notice, the fabric looks extra flat and purty thanks to being set up in my brand new embroidery hoop! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Needle Comparison

As you already know, a pack of new needles recently came into my possession.
Lately, though I've been wondering if maybe some of my needles need to be retired. 

Let me explain. 

Back when I started learning how to make needle lace, I went searching for the pack of thinnest needles I could find and only managed to get my hands on a pack of very thin and long (not to mention flimsy) beading needles.
Aside from that, over the years I've also gotten a pack of golden eye sharps and a pack of "modista" (clothing/fashion sewing-ish) needles.
All of which are your pretty standard sized sewing needles.

Here and now, with the new addition of these tiny size 11 needles from Pony, I thought maybe it might be time to say goodbye to those beading needles.

 Here I give you my selection, pre-pony. On the top you have a beading needle, which, as you can kind of see, has regrettably warped. All of the beading needles follow suit, with this one here being one of the better ones. 
Beneath that, I have a "modista" needle, and below that a golden-eye sharp.
I would tell you the brands if only I hadn't forgotten them and then gone on and thrown away the packaging! >_<

Now, here we have the Pony on top. 
I think it goes without saying that they're relatively microscopic.
The pony's are tiny, and thin, and essentially great!

Still, I ran into a bump. Those flimsy beading needles, though a bit too long and awkward, have a bigger eye than the ponys and are easier to thread...

So now I'm stumped.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I sure think so... or at least I hope so.
It's definitely easier to tat, that's for sure!

To be honest, what I'm worried about is that it'll end up being too big for the space and ruffle when I add the rest of the motifs >_<
Here in this picture, you can kinda see on the right hand side what I did to replace those flowers I'd had before.

So far, I'm not sure if I like everything as is. The new bits on the previous round might be cause to worry, but it'll be hard to tell until after I add the rest of the new round--though at this point I'm seriously considering adding one last round on top of it all..


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There's a story behind this one. 

For Christmas, I ordered a few things online <-- that's the short version.

Long version: 

I was so incredibly excited/nervous/freaking flipping out on Christmas Eve because I'd gotten some cash as a present and was getting my first online specialty stuff that I gave the wrong address.

To both companies. 

Of course, I don't realize this until the package tracking lets me know that: Hey, we weren't able to deliver your package.

Yes, I'd given my aunt's address. And yes, I'd forgotten to give the apartment number. 


To say that I was upset with myself would be a hideous understatement.

Now, why did I give my aunt's address instead of my own? Because, for those of you who don't know, the Mexican postal service is terrifyingly unreliable and FedEx is bound to break the bank. My aunt, however, lives in Dallas and my dad had to go back for a couple weeks to take care of some business.
So it's either: get the address right, or have them shipped back to the seller and wait until May for my dad to go back and get them.

Thank God, things got straightened out and my dad was able to pick one package up from the post office while I was able to edit the other address before that package got shipped off. 


Now, what was it that I got?

A Hardwicke Manor embroidery hoop, twill tape to bind it
Size 11 pony needles and... very first spools of SILK THREAD!!!!!! Soie de Paris in white.

This is the package that got stuck at the post office (thank God for that!)

Yet, there was another delectable treat en route from a land far, far away --> down under to be exact. 
(Sorry, I had to say it.)

I give you the pièce de résistance: The Art of Chinese Embroidery!

Oh yes. 

If you remember, I did a post on Chinese Embroidery a few months ago. Then, what seemed like the very next day, Mary Corbet over at Needle 'n Thread did a post about the Art of Chinese Embroidery. 
It was a sign.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Productive Couple Weeks

I shall never forget my needle lace! 

... at least, not permanently >_<

I've finally figured out why I could never get a decent picture of Le Masterpiece. 
As it turns out, as a piece, le Masterpiece is too large for the micro setting on my camera to focus right, and too small for the macro setting. 
So, please, bear with me if I can't get a good full shot.

However, I think I'm getting better at taking closeups.

I'm really happy with how the shading is turning out. At first I was worried because the stitches seemed to bunch up and look rounded and bulky, but it cleared up as I kept going.

Here, you can kind of see what I'm talking about, but the fact that I'm not using a hoop is definitely not helping. 

Aaaand I'm almost done with this corner! 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a quick tidbit....

... before my week starts and I have no time for anything but Pre-Calculus >_<

Remember this old guy?

I'd maybe forgotten Blueburry for a while I focused on Evelyn's Doily, Doodleplex, Lotusness, and remaining party--but I recently got a second wind where Blue was concerned and I managed to tat up a few more motifs. 

Halfway there!