The Backstory

Somewhere around... late November/early Decemberish, 2011, I found myself looking up how to make lace. At seventeen years old, I must say that I am incredibly nearsighted with a -7 (now -8.75... yippee) prescription and ran into the potentially problematic issue of whether or not making lace would make my eyes even worse.

Lo and behold, approximately two weeks later I got hit with a nasty case of pink eye and couldn't wear my contacts. Being so incredibly nearsighted, I found myself with... absolutely squat to do. Coincidentally, I could also see things in more detail (said detail had to be freakishly close to my face, of course), and found it easier to work with the thread and all that fun stuff.

Of course... the pink eye had to go eventually, and when it did, and I looked back on all the crap that I'd made before... jeez, that stuff was tiny.

So here I am. Able to see (thank God =D ), and trying to figure out how on earth I'm gonna accomplish the oh so delicate execution of my new time stuffer.

Yay. =P