Sunday, August 11, 2013

My progress thus far

Essentially, my plan had been to either tat/study all day today.
Neither got done--and I'll tell you why.
About a week ago, my iTunes decided that it would be a fantastic idea to go absolutely ballistic and:

  1. Switch around the names of all of my songs
  2. Refuse to organize them by any category other than genre

So, me, being a fabulous mix of: worry wart, chicken, mildly more computer proficient than average, stubborn as he** and seriously pissed off, decided that I'd figure out how to fix it and be on my merry way. 

Long story short, I reinstalled iTunes--twice, moved about 70% of my songs to my cloud drive (sans cloud control panel since my poor little first gen iphone is too old to have it), leaving the rest because I decided last minute that it would be better to just backup the library and so on. Finally, after the second reinstall, I decided to try to create a new library.

That worked, but the problem is that while it gave me access to those songs on my cloud drive, I now had to sift through my back up to figure out which songs I had missing. 

I just finished, and it's almost 1:30 in the morning. 


Good thing is that as far as I know, all is merry and well!  


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