Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I feel obliged to say...

... that this last round of Evelyn's doily is driving me up the wall. 
Like seriously driving me up the wall. 
I dread to even go near it. 

I'm about halfway through the round, maybe a little less, and I've realized that the really long chains that tend to pop up in almost everything I design are back and they're biting me on the keister. 

Grrr. v_v

I'm seriously debating scrapping the round and starting over, but I can't make up my mind. My problem is that I can't even tell if it looks cool enough to constitute a tolerance of the growing pain-in-the-a** factor. 

If anyone's out there, reading my lil' ol' blog, what do you guys think?

Yay or nay on the scrapping? 


Anywho, on to happier things. 
I think I might take up needle lace again. I'm currently undertaking a super secret project of monumental awesomeness that may or may not go out in a flaming ball of fire. 

I, for one, think it won't--but that's just me.

Maybe, just maybe, I might get up the guts to post a picture soon! 


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