Monday, October 15, 2012

sometimes i forget

I've been talking a lot about tatting recently, but I have been working on bobbin lace and it may have occasionally slipped my mind to post anything about it...

Recently, I've decided to try to move away from grid-based lace and try to tackle part laces. Despite not having any books on any specific type of part lace, I have managed to scrape together a few techniques thanks to Lety and of course, Google Translate.

I just finished (like an hour before I typed this up) a practice which turned out pretty good (in my opinion) for a first time:

Progress!! ^_^

Alllsoooo, meet:


They're both in their first round (and I'm not sure what comes next if I'm being honest =S )

P.S.--> These pictures were all taken with my phone, so bear with me on the crappy quality ;-)

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