Friday, October 19, 2012

I've been thinking...

Remember that piece of green needle lace I was working on a few months ago? And remember how I said I'd have to put needle lace on the back burner because of my eyes?

So I started thinking about it the other day. See, I'm generally the kind of person that thinks of unfinished projects as scabs staring up at me waiting to be picked, an itch I can't scratch, or a box that  says "DO NOT OPEN".

I know that everyone has their physical limitations, but I got to thinking that it wouldn't be so terribly bad if I only did like three rows of stitches a day (which, since I'm still working on the first part of the border around the center is like... 24 stitches max).

Well, I tried it today, and maybe three rows is pushing it. My eyes started aching right away =(. I might try two tomorrow.


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