Tuesday, October 9, 2012

slow, but steady

Update on Anna's Doily 2.0 and Evelyn's Doily 2.0!!!!

I've been tatting away (when I should've probably been doing some homework.....shh) and trying to figure out a corner that I'm trying to make for it, as I've decided that I want to be all fancy and stick separate motifs on the 4th round to make said corner:

What do you think?:

I tried to add more to the corner, but the various bits and scraps in my trash can will give testament to my mild impatience that day...

Also, I've been working on this thing for so long that I think I'm starting to dread that color.

Alllsoooo I've been retatting Evelyn's Doily, since I noticed that in flattening the previous one, the 2nd round was pulled out of shape (remember a certain irritating bowling...?) and consequently pulled the 1st round out of shape as well =(

So I scrapped the little piece of biscuit and decided for a simpler 2nd round (seen above)  which has actually allowed me to make a totally kick ash awesome 3rd round (that is if it doesn't bowl).  Hopefully, I'll have the third round and Geometry finished within two weeks.


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