Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Wiggles

Soooo, after I finished the practice circle, I decided that I might as well try out the few tape lace techniques I'd learned on Youtube. Also, THANK YOU BOLILLOTECA for your video!!!! It's in Spanish, but living in Mexico tends to help in that aspect... anywho, all of the tape lace videos I'd previously seen had been in Italian, but (thank you God!) the lady who made them added text to her videos instead of narrating to explain what she was doing!!! I love Google Translate =D

I have the feeling that I've gone through that story before... but yeah...

So meet Wiggles:

Here, you see Wiggles on paper, right after I'd drawn her up and gotten a little light headed from holding my breath against that nasty sharpie smell.

*Note: Does anyone know of any low-no odor permanent markers?

Oh well.

Here's Wiggles already pinned to Camile.

I have hope for Wiggles. Hopefully all goes well, but I have had a wee bit of trouble trying to figure out how many pairs to use. The first time around I didn't hang enough, but I hadn't gone too far so I just went back and added some. Though now I think I'm using too many =S

Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.


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