Wednesday, October 31, 2012

more progress

So, I FINALLY FINISHED MY GEOMETRY CLASS!!!! I don't even want to count how many months it took me to finish that thing, but it was somewhere around four or five, when it normally takes me about a month to finish a class -exhausted wheeze-

So yeah, I'm happy =D

Anywho, I've been working on my various projects, and here's how I'm doing so far:

So, before I was a tad worried about how that sixth round would turn out, but I'm liking the effect so far. I'm almost done with this round, but I'm still rummaging around my head for some new ideas for the next round =D =D

What do you think about Wiggles? And before I forget, I realized that you might not be able to tell what color I'm using. For the record, it's actually a really dark purple that I absolutely love =D


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