Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There's a story behind this one. 

For Christmas, I ordered a few things online <-- that's the short version.

Long version: 

I was so incredibly excited/nervous/freaking flipping out on Christmas Eve because I'd gotten some cash as a present and was getting my first online specialty stuff that I gave the wrong address.

To both companies. 

Of course, I don't realize this until the package tracking lets me know that: Hey, we weren't able to deliver your package.

Yes, I'd given my aunt's address. And yes, I'd forgotten to give the apartment number. 


To say that I was upset with myself would be a hideous understatement.

Now, why did I give my aunt's address instead of my own? Because, for those of you who don't know, the Mexican postal service is terrifyingly unreliable and FedEx is bound to break the bank. My aunt, however, lives in Dallas and my dad had to go back for a couple weeks to take care of some business.
So it's either: get the address right, or have them shipped back to the seller and wait until May for my dad to go back and get them.

Thank God, things got straightened out and my dad was able to pick one package up from the post office while I was able to edit the other address before that package got shipped off. 


Now, what was it that I got?

A Hardwicke Manor embroidery hoop, twill tape to bind it
Size 11 pony needles and... very first spools of SILK THREAD!!!!!! Soie de Paris in white.

This is the package that got stuck at the post office (thank God for that!)

Yet, there was another delectable treat en route from a land far, far away --> down under to be exact. 
(Sorry, I had to say it.)

I give you the pièce de résistance: The Art of Chinese Embroidery!

Oh yes. 

If you remember, I did a post on Chinese Embroidery a few months ago. Then, what seemed like the very next day, Mary Corbet over at Needle 'n Thread did a post about the Art of Chinese Embroidery. 
It was a sign.