Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy Busy

Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself ^_^

I did a lot of fiddling with stitches when it came to these flowers. For the golden coloured tips, I bounced back and forth between stem stitching it and just trying to go for the long and short stitch. I think I even gave split stitch a try. Here, if I'm seeing this right, I have stem stitch on the top tip and long and short on the bottom.
However, as is the nature of Doodleplex --> mistakes stay and become a part of the greater scheme of things! 

As my mom told me once: it adds character.

Here's another shot:

And then a couple more:

Oh, what's that on the sides, you say? 

Well, hold your horses and take a breather because that's a topic for another post!


P.S. In case you didn't notice, the fabric looks extra flat and purty thanks to being set up in my brand new embroidery hoop!