Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Needle Comparison

As you already know, a pack of new needles recently came into my possession.
Lately, though I've been wondering if maybe some of my needles need to be retired. 

Let me explain. 

Back when I started learning how to make needle lace, I went searching for the pack of thinnest needles I could find and only managed to get my hands on a pack of very thin and long (not to mention flimsy) beading needles.
Aside from that, over the years I've also gotten a pack of golden eye sharps and a pack of "modista" (clothing/fashion sewing-ish) needles.
All of which are your pretty standard sized sewing needles.

Here and now, with the new addition of these tiny size 11 needles from Pony, I thought maybe it might be time to say goodbye to those beading needles.

 Here I give you my selection, pre-pony. On the top you have a beading needle, which, as you can kind of see, has regrettably warped. All of the beading needles follow suit, with this one here being one of the better ones. 
Beneath that, I have a "modista" needle, and below that a golden-eye sharp.
I would tell you the brands if only I hadn't forgotten them and then gone on and thrown away the packaging! >_<

Now, here we have the Pony on top. 
I think it goes without saying that they're relatively microscopic.
The pony's are tiny, and thin, and essentially great!

Still, I ran into a bump. Those flimsy beading needles, though a bit too long and awkward, have a bigger eye than the ponys and are easier to thread...

So now I'm stumped.

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