Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First (real) post of the new year!

To start it off, hello 2014!


For some reason, I keep thinking that I didn't get much done over Christmas--perhaps because I wasn't feeling particularly "tatty" and I have an unfinished Evelyn's doily staring at me every day--but then I really get to thinking about it and I realize that I kind of did--at least by my standards. 

First up: scarf (doughnut scarf?) #1! 

I kind of screwed up the bottom part, but you can't really tell that well in the picture. I looked up how to bind off on YouTube and chose one that would be "stretchier"...but then I realized that it was already pretty stretchy to begin with, leaving me with a wave at the bottom. 
Another likely culprit is the point at which I ended the scarf. The stitch I used involves wrapping the yarn around several stitches at a time, kind of holding them together. As you can see, I finished right before that was supposed to happen again.... hmmm...

Unfortunately, we've been having a cold spell here in Cancun (it got as low as 64! O_O) and though we're blessed to have such relatively warm weather, we've been freezing our butts off. I'm wearing socks for the first time since last winter. 
That being said, the overcast skies have not been providing their usual blinding sunlight and my camera's resenting it. I honestly have made a lot of progress on Doodleplex, but I just can't get my camera to work with me. I still haven't entirely gotten used to it and keep fiddling with the settings... so hopefully I'll figure it out!


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