Monday, January 27, 2014

Doodleplex: Even More Complex

Doodleplex is back! 
I know I haven't posted much about Doodleplex in a while... granted, I haven't posted about much of anything for a while...but you get my point ^_^

I'd like to talk about my plans for Doodleplex. The piece of canvas I'm working on is relatively large, about a foot and a half or two by about maybe five feet. 
I'd like very much to completely embroider it. 

But not as one big continuation, expanding out from a single point. I'm going to have different designs starting out in different places, overlapping or stopping as the project progresses. 

See left 

It'll take time, yes. But I think the result will be oh so incredible.


Now, let me run you through what I've been up to this past few weeks. 

To begin, I finally finished those funny purple petal things... with varying degrees of success. Here is an example of what I mean when I say that my satin stitch could be better.

As you can also see, I've added more stuff!

Here, you can see an improved satin stitch arrow thing aaannd the beginning of the next "round" of  Doodleplex Part 1.

The little circles were supposed to be like "seeds" but somehow ended up looking more like pearly things. The filling was my first tip toe into long and short stitch and was originally going to include shading, though I later decided against it. For the little bumps around the border, I used a little bit of perle cotton that I had left over from when I was first trying to tat and made the smallest back stitch I possible could.

And then onto the leaves.

I thought I'd use a blue-ish green stranded cotton (Anchor) instead of a green green. I'd tell you the color but there was an incident with my dog, and let's just say that the thread survived but the little paper things didn't.

I used a stem-stitch filling. I was soooo relieved to find out you could get really nice results with stem stitch. I'll admit that, at the time, I was still slightly terrified of long and short stitch.

I also made these little bud things out of a really nice green satin stitch at the tips of the leaves.

Here, I give you a larger shot of most of Doodleplex up to that point.

I am very happy to say, though, that I really hit a good pace this weekend.
I finished all of the leaves..... aaaannnd I got a start on the flowers!

My first foray into shading!

You can see it a little better here, especially since at this point I've only gotten two colors in.

And then here's another one:

A pretty good hustle (for me) if I do say so myself.


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