Friday, April 18, 2014

Whooo! Blue!

The first butterfly shall be blue... or at least partly blue.

For the colors, I was inspired by these three pins: 

When it came time to stitching, part of the outline on the first butterfly I decided to work was a little dim. Soo, instead of thinking of the easy way first, I decided to stitch up the lines inside of the wings in stem stitch.

Here, you can see that I did eventually realize that I could just redraw the outline with a marker... 

Anywho, because of the way the design worked out, I didn't need any guidelines when it came time to fill in the wings!

My first little bit of stitching (above).

And then, finally, the first color was done on the right wing!

Of course, as it always goes (at least for me), I decided to have second thoughts about the next colors >_< 

Only time will tell!


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