Sunday, April 6, 2014

Details, details...

During our last embroodlery session, I mentioned an issue with the colors.

Did I mention an issue with the colors and the fabric? 

As you can see here, the most-used color in each of the petals is the one coming into direct contact with the background fabric. 
The problem is that a certain very pale pink is rather similar to a particular shade of canvas.

Oh, what to do? 

Border for your thoughts? 

Again, choosing the color for the border was an agonizing decision. Though it turned out to be my first choice. 

Also, if you look closely you can see I added a little something extra. 

And then a little something more...

And then even more.
This is where I stopped. I kept thinking about circuses and cotton candy, but it felt right. 
I used a sort of back stitch for the pink lines in the petal. Stem stitch made up the outlines with some burgundy couching and single-wrap knots in the same shade of dark blue as in the green petal.

Speaking of the green petal...

I couldn't leave it all alone.

I had to have a roadmap for the rest of the petals.

It's all a little nuts, and sometimes I think it might be too much, but I like it. ^_^

Last, but not least, my current progress: 

That's what I call a good weekend.


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