Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I reiterate: Oh, to be perfectly organized!

The good thing is that I finally seem to be waking up a little. Here in Cancun, we've been having a lot of rainstorms and heavy cloud cover vs. the bright scalding sunshine we normally have and I'm pretty sure that it's having at least a small effect on my energy levels. 

Anywho, the good thing was that over the weekend I took advantage of the fact that I had an excuse not to do anything else and actually did something! 

First of all, I did get a little bit of work done on Le Masterpiece.

At first, I was enjoying the relief that came from doing the wheels instead of constant corded brussels (this was before I got the magnifier ^_^), but now I can't wait to go one to the next step--muahahaha!

And then I went a little crazy on Doodleplex.

Now I'm seriously happy that I decided not to try to make it symmetrical in true doodle fashion...because I'd be blowing a gasket right now.

Here (hopefully) you can see what I was trying to go for. I used different colors for the french knots to see if I could get a sort of gradient affect...but I decided that it was approaching overkill (if not already there) and went on to the next thing--a questionable satin stitch archy thing. 

The thing is that... apparently... it's recommended to go about doing padded satin stitch a slightly different way... but then again, how boring would life be if you didn't do things the hard way and give yourself a migraine? 
My point is that last night, while waiting for some caffeine to wear off at a certain hour of the night, I watched Mary Corbet's video on how to do a padded satin stitch.

I'll admit that things might've gone a little better if I'd watched it before... >_>

Anywho, during the same bout of insomnia, I decided to take a shot at some interlocking rings and chains with my brand spanking new tatting needles. 

I must say, I think it went along swimmingly before I got completely frustrated and decided to try it again when it wasn't closer to sunrise than sunset.


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