Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Because: I'm nuts, and my dad and cousin are aweeesoommme!!!

First of all: look look look!!! 

You: Karla, is that what I think it is? 
Me: Yes, I dare say it is. 



First off, I'd like to give a shout out to my dad and my cousin, Sheriesse and say THANKS for schlepping out to Hobby Lobby during Labor Day weekend ^_^

Second: I can do needle lace without going blind now!!!!!! 


My dad brought these from Dallas (no tatting needles in cancun =( booo!) and I've even started practicing a little! 



And now... I'd like to announce... the LAST ROUND OF EVELYN'S DOILY!!!!

(Theme song from space odyssey 2001 plays in the background... lights dim)

 TA DA!!!

I've gotten a little farther since taking the picture, but this is basically proof that I'm absolutely nuts. Five bucks I"ll be moaning and groaning about it within a week or two.

But it's worth it.

Originally, though, it gave me a heart attack. The first side came out looking great, but when I got to the second side...

It turns out I had the stitch count wrong in about 3 places >_< 

But now that's all fixed and everything's looking great!


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