Thursday, March 7, 2013

Post Chemistry Update #6--Things I learned from Jane's TIAS

So, I had a lot of fun with this year's TIAS--as my first TIAS, it also served to be quite educational:

Therefore, I now present the various little tips and stuffs that might come in handy someday:

  1. lock joins are deceptively tricky to undo
  2. pay attention to what you're doing so you don't have to undo lockjoins
  3. make sure you don't forget you have black dry erase crayon on your fingers
  4. don't start tatting with white thread while you have black dry erase crayon on your fingers
  5. don't make very small picots so small that you can't see them 
  6. make sure you remember where your very small picots are in case you can't see them
  7. don't forget to make very small picots--three times
  8. don't start tatting with a shuttle with a sorta kinda loose bobbin, because you don't know how sorta kinda loose it is 
  9. keep in mind that sorta kinda loose can become very fracking loose very fracking fast
  10. and most importantly of all:
    1. don't forget to wash off the black dry erase crayon from your fingers before tatting with white thread so you don't get distracted and make a picot so small that you can't find it and have to distinguish it from the dingy grey thread that used to be white--so much so, that when you finally realize it and wash your hands, and figure out how to tat with your anoyingly loose shuttle bobbin, and are very happy that your white thread looks white, that you then forget to make a very small picot before a lock join and have to go back and undo it.


I just realized that I've posted my 100th post! like... three posts ago =D



  1. But you've no idea what I learnt from the TIAS. One thing was that some people who say they live in secret underground bunkers in Switzerland - DON'T!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!