Thursday, March 7, 2013

Post Chemistry Update #2--Gemmy Bear

I've finally finished Gemmy Bear! Like a week and a half ago, I was in a productive mood and my fingers were itching for some bobbins, so I went at it for like two days straight and.... 

Now, Gemmy here was a gimp practice--not that you can see the gimp >_<

I think the color was to blame for the HORRIBLE time I had photographing it. I eventually gave up and stuck it in my scanner which made it look a little weird -_-
It's actually a really pretty red--two reds, actually. 
A while ago, I came back from buying threads only to realize that one of the thread I'd bought was almost identical to one of the ones I already had! You could just barely tell them apart! 
However, one was darker than the other one, so what I did was I used one thread on all the starter pins on the left (in the picture, right) side and the lighter one on the other side. 
...not that you can tell >_<
The gimp was a coppery type orange-red that looks pumpkin orange compared to the other threads, but again -sigh- you can't see it that well... 

It's obviously a beginner's piece, buuuuut I think I didn't do half bad aaaannnndddd
Gemmy's done!!! 

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