Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So, I've had a bit of a busy time. I can't tell you exactly what I've done this past week, or two--because I'm not really sure... I just know that there hasn't been much tatting, but there's been a lot of school, and errands and Inkscape. 

I do know that I've finished the pattern for Minty and have made some more progress on Gemmy Bear (look at the bottom of those posts)... and I think I've made some progress on Evelyn's Doily--but since I"m almost done with round 4, I'm still not going to show anything =P

Oh! And I'm almost done unwinding that last batch of thread that I dyed. I've been doing so much other stuff that I only just really got to it on like... Saturday. 

I think I might be coming down with a cold, so I'm not sure how much stuff I'll get done--school included, since my brain decides to keel over whenever I get even just a little congested =/

Oh well, life goes on and I need to focus on trying to ignore the five mosquito bites I've gotten in the past couple days. 

Oh! My dad's coming back from the States on Sunday! He's gotten a lot better since September, so thank God for that =D 


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