Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 8 and more thread!

For the record, pink and I have a precarious relationship. Normally, I just simplify it by saying: 
I hate pink. 
However, I have recently matured, and while I don't write it off completely, it's still not my favorite color. 
There will be, however, one shade of pink that I will despise until the end of my days. I know this because every time I look at it I feel an incredible urge to vomit. 
The pink in question is none other than Bubblegum pink. 
Also known as: Pepto Bismol Pink. 
You can now understand my horror when, upon lifting the lid on my stewing thread, I see nothing but 
Pepto Bismol pink. 
Why? I asked myself: Why did this happen? How could such a horrible thing come to pass? 
So, in a last minute rush to save the thread, I squirted more red dye, and some purple directly onto the thread and even though you can't really see it that well, I experienced the sweet savoring of 

I have yet to completely unwind it, and since I threw a whole ball into the batch (as I will do from now on), it may take a while... =D 


Okay, I have now decided to go with a baby basket... thing like everyone's been saying. 
It really does look like it.
Either that, or some type of squashed hot air balloon.  


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