Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I've managed since.... the last time I posted

First and foremost, I would like to say: 

Dear little neighbor boy,
Please stop walking around your back yard shouting gibberish at the top of your lungs because it makes my yappy, nervous, even louder pug run around the house huffing and puffing and sounding the alarm. I worry for the strain all of this excitement puts on his little system, and I believe my ears are about to start bleeding. 

Thank you. 


Evelyn's doily is a bit of a thinker--buuuuut I do believe things are progressing nicely. 
Since this round had a version 1.0, which is currently residing in my scrap box, I present to you: 

Evelyn's Doily Round 4: v. 1.0

As you can see, that's about as far as it got--you can't tell that well in the picture, but the pointy parts were tilting because the round bits were too big =(. I saved the pointy parts--but that's the only hint your getting for round 4. =P 

Please note, that I tried very hard to save the round bits--but you may end up seeing them in the center of a future doily/motif.... ;-) 

Also, I have found the smallest crochet hook I've seen to date. It's so small in fact, that I've actually used it when I tried to tat with sewing thread!

Aaaaaannnnnd look what I've cooked up!

I went a little nuts with the dye and squirted more in there than was actually necessary... but it was fun =D
And look!

I used less dye this time, but there was still enough left over to dye two half balls of thread... sooo I guess the dye I use is reaallly strong.

Also, I'm doing this year's TIAS! (For the first time). I didn't have any variegated thread (I just cooked the purple batch that's kind of variegated yesterday, and just finished winding it five minutes ago), or any size 20 thread... but I did have some thread that I haven't used yet and I figured it wouldn't hurt =)

I just hope I can keep up haha, school's still kicking me in the keister so I don't know if I'll be able to have time... but the bits are small, so it should be fine.

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