Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TIAS Day 2

Day 2 is here!!!
I woke up a little on the late side, but I got right to it as soon as I could =) I did the split chain version, and it actually helped me figure out how to do this one technique that I tried to use on Evelyn's doily, but decided not to do because it didn't turn out right... =D

At first I thought it was going to be a basket, but I think now it might be something with a dress, or a hat --> oooooooor it might be a 3D figure! I've seen a few of those in blogs lately.

Also, just a heads up, I've decided that NanaRama is just fine as is and will soon be publishing a free pattern!!! (Soon being... hopefully before 2014). After constant frustration, I chopped off the attempt at a 4th round and stopped before I started hating it --> the relief is indescribable. 

Aaaaaand I have published my first free tatting pattern! 
Remember that snowflake I did a while back? Well, I figured that would be a good start to my free patterns, sooooo:

You can now find it under the Patterns tab =D 


Also, just a last minute thought, I've dyed more thread (it's drying) to cheer me up from a crummy morning. I hope it turns out okay, and I think I did better on the not over doing it on the dye thing... but there was still a lot in the water.... hmmm... =/

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