Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TIAS Day 4 and more thread!

So, yesterday I had a weird headache (I couldn't even look at my computer screen O.O) and I ended up taking a five and a half hour nap--so I think maybe it was a bug or something that I just had to sleep off. 
I did in fact, do Day 4 before I fell bedridden--and I re-dyed (over-dyed?) some thread that came out a little funky the day before. 

I noticed that my chain came out a little bumpier than some of the other people's... hmmm. Either way, I stand at: basket/tea cup --> semi-final answer.

Here's the first batch of thread from the day before yesterday. It was supposed to be an attempt at a 3-way variegate between purple, blue, and green....
it was not meant to be.

You can't see it that well, but instead of a gleaming, jewel colored beauty--I got a stiff, snot tinged something that I kind of had hope for until it dried and looked as you see above--except with unsightly splotches of blue, yellow and red. 

Well, positive thinker that I am (believe it or not), I decided to add more blue to the same dye bath I used on Phlegmy, and came out with this:

Pretty, huh?
And theeeen, since I couldn't stand looking at that poor, probably never to be used Phlegmy, I re-dyed it. I stuck it in a bath of pure red and nothing more.

 At first, it came out purple, but I kept adding red until it looked less like the colors I've dyed before. It is very similar to the pink and purple I whipped up a while ago, but there is a difference--which makes me happy =D 


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