Wednesday, September 12, 2012

*insert clever line here*

So, I've had a messed up weekend--I won't go into it, since it's more than just a pain in the biscuits and this is a happy blog --> so on with the happiness:

I have been a busy little tatting bee. Aside from the previous white doily I posted, I have also been working on one for my sister over in sunny California =D BEHOLD!!!:

Though this is an authentic handmade 2012 Karla Barraza tatted doily-thingamabobber --> the picture is fuzzy.

*sigh* yes, I know. I'm still working out the kinks in my camera--so bear with me =D

Anywho, here it's at 4 rounds. I'm thinking of adding some on, but I'm not sure about the time frame since my dad's going to Cali to see her in about a week and a half =S And I's gots schools and stuff... hmph.

Also, a few nights ago, I got it into my head that it would be a fantastic idea to look up how to do sewings in bobbin lace.

My only problem is that I know diddly squat about sewings... now wait, correction:

I don't even know diddly squat about sewings.

So, here I am, in the middle of a real thinker... how can I practice sewings... if I don't even know how to do them????

Funny thing: there's such a thing as google O.O

You: NO. WAY.

Me: Right?

Eventually after about two seconds of massive googling effort, I find this nifty link to a bobbin lace wiki       >_<       So, I gave it a shot, and the result was that charming yellow-red rectangle you see above. I didn't really like the method a whole lot, and you can see where I tried doing the sewing with a passive pair instead of a worker--but hey, that's what practices are for, right?

Neeext, I remembered a certain video I saw on YouTube, and even though that was for bars, I figured I'd try it out and I found the I liked it a lot better (for this practice, anyway) than the other method aaaaaaaaaaand that's what I did on the skinny practice. Pretty neat, huh?

I was kinda worried about the space left between the pieces, though, but I asked around on the forum on laceIOLI, and it seems to be normal, so........... yeah. Also, the subject is apparently more complicated than I had previous thought. Therefore, now I just have to find the time to do all those fancy practices =D =D =D

Also, on Saturday I got a little bored.... Does anyone remember when I was convinced that I was going to whittle out an entire set of bobbins? If not, do see here.

Aaaannnyywho, I got bored, right? So, of course, the typical happens:

I cranked out four of those bad boys until I remembered that I like to be able to move my fingers without wincing. They are pretty neat, though =D 


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