Friday, September 14, 2012


So, as you may have noticed... certain pictures on a certain blog are not always exactly as clear as one would expect them to be...

Until now.

Apparently... there's a "setting" in the "menu" (yes, I did put quotes around that) that controls the "sharpness" of your images... I knew that.

This came in especially useful yesterday. We had some friends come over and I was entertaining their 6 year old little boy, trying to teach him bobbin lace. He liked putting the pins in, but not so much the bobbin and thread part.

Anywho, he says that he wants to use some of this sea foam green type color of tatting thread that I had and I'm like... alright. So I start whipping up a stripe of cloth stitch, and yada yada yada.

My point is, that after they left, I still had a bunch of thread left on the bobbins, so I was like what the heck and decided to do a few practices.

I present to you what I hope is the precursor to many a successful tape-type lace projects:

 To my left you see the finished product, photo taken post aforementioned sharpness epiphany. On the right side, from the half stitches down, is what I did while the little dude was here. The rest was when I got bored around midnight and was trying to come up with a good reason to go to bed.
As I write this, I have yet to take it off the pillow, but I do hope it stays together... oh, here's the link I used to figure out how to make the bars (I think I'm in love with Google Translate, and I'm learning Italian! >_<). This lady has some good tutorials on what I'm assuming is Cantu lace, but I'm not sure since I have yet to find where she actually specifies which type of lace it is--but oh well, it's all in Italian so it's probably staring me in the face and I don't understand it haha ={)

Here, you see this lovely piece of lace in progress:
This time, the fuzziness is not due to my poor photography skills, buuut to the fact that I took the pics with my phone since I was too lazy to go downstairs and find my camera.


So I have now, finally, after such an agonizingly long wait--RELEASED THE BEAST!!!!

I was a little worried that it might just fall apart on my and completely lose it's shape--but no =D =D

I'm happy ^_^

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