Friday, November 29, 2013

I just freaking fell in love.

First of all, I'd like to thank the fine author of N e e d l e p r i n t for posting about this. 

Second of all... oh my freaking goodness.

"Blue Lotus Flower" from Art of Silk

Forgive my nutty summary of the whole shebang (I'm too busy flipping out to be able to manage significant higher cognitive function), so here's the watered down version:

This guy: Christopher Leung  went to China way back when (more like a few years ago, but you get my point) and discovered Su Embroidery (see above example O_O). He's like some super computer guy (I'm sure that's the technical term, coming from a computer family myself), so he started this company where they take hand designed and stitched works of silk embroidery art by super crazy master embroiderers and recreate them perfectly (I mean freaking perfectly) with machines. The point? Making beautiful silk art affordable.

This video does a better job of explaining than I do:


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