Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More tattery and tatting =)

Sooo, I will soon have updates on my projects =D =D I've been really busy with school, but I've managed to work some more on my big fat pattern and also on my green project. I've also started a little purple square to practice wheels, and something that will hopefully turn out to be a more traditional project in white that I have yet to fill--even though the outline's been couched down for like two months.

Also--to get to the real purpose of this post other than me telling you that I will "soon" have updates (which I will) with pictures--I've found an ENORMOUS compilation of tatting tutorials on YouTube, and have posted a handy dandy link in my useful links section on the sidebar -------->
First of all, I must say, thank you kcabrera74.


PS --> the tutorials are both in Spanish AND English =D =D =D =D

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