Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Apparently, I was doing the stitches wrong. Go figure. Shortly after the red circle, I completed a lovely dark grey circle with uniform stitches and everything... it is currently MIA, though I think my vacuum of a pug, or my pickpocket of a siamese might've had something to do with the M part.

Anywho, I decided to move on to what originally got my attention about lace. My mom told me that she saw it being made once, where they were actually sewing it onto the fabric and I thought hmm... there's probably some info about how to do that on the internet.

There isn't. At least none that I could find--but after a couple of forum hits, I decided to wing it and just pick up some of whatever material I was using during the buttonholing of the outline. So, I went to my local Chedraui (Mexican grocery store) and picked up some cheap organza, and I came up with this:

Here's the back:

Five bucks I did it wrong, but hey, at least I tried =D

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