Friday, December 30, 2011

Lace Ring #2

So, after much consideration, I decided to try again. Learning from my last ring, I decided to give the band more support and made a new pattern with more horizontal bars.
And I came up with this:

aaaand by this time, I remembered my camera and got some pictures of the production:

On the other hand, I did maybe kinda forget to take pictures of when I actually joined the two ends of the ring, but I will definitely put it on my to-do list.

By the way, I did the stitching in the gaps before I joined the two pieces together.

I will, however, do my best to explain the absolutely horrible, tremendous, monstrous (just kidding =D ) process of joining the two ends together.

As seen on my left, I'm at the end of the pattern (I didn't do the last bit of horizontal bars). Now, instead of just closing it off right there and having a flat rectangle on my hands, I threaded both of the threads on the bottom (you can't see it, but the top threads are very short) on a fine needle (skinniest I could find), ran the thread through the loops made by the couching thread (light colored thread) through the top line of the pattern, and then through one of the vertical bars to reach the bottom line of the pattern. I did this to keep it strong and make sure it held.

So far, it seems to have worked. It has survived my klepto kitty and my chew happy pug. Not a newbie stitch out of place ^_^

Oh! And it's extremely washable since I made it out of polyester (Gutermann).

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