Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's been a long time...

According to my statistics, the last time I published a post was March of last year. 


Well, what I'd like to say now is essentially as follows: 

I've moved again (coming at you live from SoCal!) and while I've left the majority of my supplies behind with my parents, I have repurchased:
an embroidery hoop 
twill tape (to bind it)
some practice fabric (tulle)
and some embroidery thread (this time, DMC--as I have been unable to find Anchor).

new additions include: 

an awl (hopefully to serve as a useful replacement for a pricker) 
and a tambour needle.

I work full time now, and I'm going to start college at the end of the month... but maybe I can find some time here and there.

Pictures coming soon!

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