Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Pledge

Now, I promised I would do something, and I did--and I made sure to take pictures.

My project of choice: Buttaflies.

Last seen as: 

So, I began with the background of the bottom wings. 

As per "protocol", I outlined the shape in my favorite when it comes to shading edges: split stitch (note: the stem stitch I used here is made with the needle splitting the previous stitch from above by going down into the fabric instead of coming up and splitting it from the bottom)

And, as far as I can remember, this was my progress at the end of Saturday:

(please forgive the horizontal lines, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them post-picture-taking and my light wasn't cooperating)

Now, come Sunday I started a little earlier and finished the whole dark orange section in (for me) record time.

And, about an hour ago, I finished!:

My patience was seriously tested when trying to go around those little circle thingies.
But, done!


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