Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doodleplex must NOT be forgotten.

However, I am sad to admit that I often do forget not so little 'ol Doodleplex...

But, here you can see the beginning of the last "round" of Doodleplex Part II:

Actually, now that I think about it it's the end of the "second to last" chunk of Doodleplex Part II.
I did jump the gun a little, though, and thread the three colors I want to use for the "tree"... who knows if I'll be able to use it this stitch session, though.

Here's a shot of the first stitches!

Anywho, the main chunk of this post is dedicated to the purpose of me complaining about my bizarrely sudden struggles with the fishbone stitch in the "leaves" above the flower.

In case you don't recall (and I'd be surprised and impressed if you did recall), I've already had some practice with fishbone stitch back in Doodleplex Part I:


I was positive it would work the same here, but it wasn't until I started in on it that I realized that the shape of the "leaves" I was trying to fill were gonna be an issue.

And I went through a few different versions of stitches until I finally seemed to get a hang of this one specific stitch that I came up with one the spot. I haven't seen said stitch before, so I'll just go ahead and coin it.

I call it: Arrowhead stitch (displayed here in the green-yellow leaf).

Note: it's called the arrowhead stitch because of the "theoretical" appearance. Though, so far it looks like a feather or fluffy bunny tail (center leaf).

Why Arrowhead? Well, there's already a feather stitch, and "Arrowhead" sounds more epic than "fluffy bunny tail stitch"

Anywho...since I'd already threaded some thread for the "tree", I didn't exactly finish all of these leaves.

I did get to use that tree thread though.

Therefore, at the end of a marathon stitching session, I give you:

Tutorial on Arrowhead coming soon! ( © Karla Barraza)


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