Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to the Buttaflies =D

While I haven't done an enormous amount of work on Butterflies, I still feel like I've made significant progress. I have the two little bottom wings planned out on the first butterfly and I'm starting to think of color schemes for the other butterflies.


First things first, I finished that teal band around the inner part of the larger wing and filled in the tip.

Here's a shot of the whole butterfly, for some perspective:

After that, I had trouble deciding on the colors to use to fill in that circle. As you can see, I'm favoring cool colors, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that route. 

I think most of my problems stem from the fact that outside of trying to free hand embroidery patterns and doodling, I haven't had much experience in the art department--by that I mean the painting/drawing part of art--and much less in determining cohesive color schemes.

Case in point: with Doodleplex, at one point I actually closed my eyes and chose colors at random.

Anywho, after about a half an hour, and thanks to questionable lighting, I settled on the following:

I was worried about the little circle, but am actually pleased with the result. I wasn't sure at the time about whether to go with satin stitch (you remember my last run in with satin stitch?) or long and short stitch like I'd been doing with everything else. 

I did, eventually, settle on long and short, mostly because I'm trying to practice for my first Chinese embroidery project, and also because the circle was a bit too big (in my mind) for my shaky satin stitch skills.

A closeup: 

I even got some shading done.


P.S. This project is no longer "Butterflies", but has now been dubbed "Buttaflies"

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