Friday, December 6, 2013

In an alternate universe I'm sure it's deliberate.

What? You ask.

The fact that I can't remember the last time a dyeing session went according to plan.
I'm sure it's a conspiracy.

The Proof

First up: Blue 1 and Blue 2

These correspond to our first two colors in the color palette below. 
I was sad to see that in Blue 1, only a tiny quasi-microscopic hint of purple made it out... 
Both are up for overdyeing. I have this obnoxious pink that might just make a purple out of that navy, while the light blue is the right color, just a shade too light. It's getting the same bath as before.

Next up: Egg Yolk

I kid you not, my yellow dye is strong... I keep forgetting that.
This corresponds to the one variegate that could've been... 

Last but not least, a complete miss...


My camera refused to take a good picture of this thread, so I had to fudge with the colors of the image a little, but this is pretty dang close. The real one is a little more yellow, giving it a gorgeous golden hint.

And it was supposed to be grey.

What I'd originally had in mind...

Despite the fact that they were all pretty different than what I was going for... I have to say that I like them. If the two blues weren't practically identical to threads that I already had I wouldn't even bother touching them. As for Egg Yolk and Peridot, I gotta say that I really like them.



I'm keeping the dark blue!
It's henceforth known as Berry Bubble Gum.



  1. I just found your blog and was very interested in your dyeing progress. I had a similar situation happen when I believed that using the three primary dye colors I could mix them mathematically to come up with a dozen different shades of brown. FUNNY! I have a dozen lovely pieces none of which are any real shade of brown! I still keep on trying and one of these days I'm gonna have it figured out.

    1. Trial and error >_< but you're right! I didn't get the colors I wanted, but I've gotten tons of pretty ones in their place!