Monday, May 20, 2013

[insert clever post name here]

Okay! I haven't been posting lately >_< this I know, but hopefully things'll lighten up once I hit my next English class. 

Good news! I've progressed on Dunno --> but I've renamed it Duna! 

I've since finished this round, but the trick is figuring out what the frack to do as a fifth round. I'm leaning towards trying to keep the square thing... it's been harder than I thought =S 

Aaaand, I dyed some more thread! 

Now, I had a really lovely time trying to photograph this thread. It was absolutely amazing--I only had to take about a million different pictures at a billion different combinations of settings before I realized that this thread will probably never show right. It's actually a lot redder than it looks in the picture--but yes, it's very bright. I was hoping for a scarlet, but I got more cherry. 
It's still really pretty though! 

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