Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gems and Mint =D

So long story short, there was a little issue with my internet, but now I'm back!

Remember Gemmy Bear?
Well... apparently the pricking was too small, and that's like.... kind of important--so I had to redo it.
It wasn't too bad, I used the technique seen here, which actually worked--so yay! =D
 Gemmy, before and after --> not tooo big of a difference. 
(forgive the dark picture, I'm trying to figure out how to get my camera to cooperate)

Allllllso, the woman from my church who asked for Anna's Doily wants it soon, but since I have to go to the airport today to pick up a friend, I can't deliver it until next Sunday. Anywho, my point is that I was scrambling to finish the pattern before I had to give away the doily--and I sort of did, but not before I tatted the first round again, thinking it might go faster... 
It didn't. 
Buuuuut, I did have a base for a new doily!
Meet Minty Fresh, aka, Minty: 
=D I like the way it came out. It's fun to just randomly tat stuff and get a cool design out of it =D 

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