Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Okay, so it's not that I don't have anything to post... it's that I haven't exactly gotten around to it...
First, let me start with some updates:

Saturday, it's raining, and we leave the Puggers inside the house instead of on the balcony with his dog house like we normally do when we leave the house. We come back a few hours later to find...

...absolute mayhem. 

My cuddly little angel had pooped twice, peed all over the place and torn into the garbage in the kitchen and dragged everything out into the living room leaving a trail of wreckage --> he'd knocked over my bobbin lace pillow (with wiggles still en progreso) and had discovered my thread box. Thank God we don't have carpet.

Only Bubbles was hurt, but he'll make it. The rest (thank you God) had survived unscathed with only a few specks of dust from lying on the floor. I didn't get any pictures because:
   a) I was in shock, and
   b) everything was so icky that we just had to clean it up right away.

Also, he found my black thread, and chewed on it until it was all slimy and tangled. I had to wash it and hang it out to dry.

By the way --> it's a real biscuit trying to untangle black thread. My progress thus far:

And what was Pita doing, you say? While this havoc ran wild under our roof? The whole thing has her paw prints all over it, but unlike Puggers who was head deep in a garbage groping session when we showed up, Pita was curled up calmly on Pugsley's pillow taking a nap.

Anywho, on to more things tatting.

If you recall, I mentioned something a while ago about re-tatting  Evelyn's doily with a tweaked stitch count.

Behold! :

I messed with the two rings at the center of the round, and also with the two big curves in each fleur-de-lis type part.

I'm also thinking about some new ideas for NanaRama aaaannnd some other stuff that I'll post about soon =)

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